Project Management is the art of controlling the co-ordination between human resources and materials throughout the project lifetime and therefore defining the scope and resources. FQM works with its Clients to plan and manage both projects and programmes from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality, but by a specific set of operations designed to accomplish the goals.

Below is the main scope of work for our Project Management services:

  • Pre-design phase: outline and evaluate the feasibility of the project, construction schedule, supporting the Investor in evaluating and selecting the Design Contractor.
  • Design phase: reviewing and understanding the design documents, evaluation of estimates and proposing Value Engineering on technical design, construction schedules and the bidding progress
  • Procurement phase: supporting the Investor in choosing the method of bid planning, to prepare bid, invite for bidding and bid evaluation prior to submitting the proposal to the Client.
  • Executing phase: supporting the Investor in reviewing and approving of construction drawings and checking the Contractors' schedules, preparing documentation for the necessary permits to complete the work.